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High School Graduation May 14. 2020 @ 6:00 p.m.

Seniors report to High School Parking lot @ 5:30.

Distance Learning Starts April 6th

Distance Learning will start April 6th until the end of school. On March 30th and 31st teachers called parents to inform them of two options for distance learning. We asked parents to choose one of the two options provided.


Option 1: Earlsboro Teachers will be using Google Classroom, Study Isand and MobyMax for distance learning. Every Earlsboro student has a google e-mail/login. Most students’ google e-mail is their first initial and last name for example John Smith would be The password is wildcats. This login and password is for Google and Study Island. If you have trouble logging in please contact Stacey Barton Elementary Principal e-mail   or Ryan Friend High School Principal e-mail or Phone 405 997 5252. We have added links for Google, Study Island, a Moby Max to our school website under Parent/Student Resources. Here is a link for Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents.



Option 2: Educational Packets- Starting Monday April 6th these packets will be ready for pickup at the cafeteria from 10:00 a.m. to noon. New packets will be ready every Monday, please return the completed packets when you pick up the new packets.


UPDATES: March 25, 2020 School Closure for Remaining of School Year.

Below are summary notes from the State Board of Education's meeting today. They did vote to close school buildings until the end of the year. They will be sending Districts a plan for distance learning. As soon as we get that and modify it for our students we will get that information to you. We are hoping that is by this weekend. Distance learning will start on Monday, April 6 and go until May 8.

The suspension of in-person instruction and extracurricular activities does not apply to staff needed for nutrition services, essential core services (governance, HR, billing, maintenance and continuity of building functions, staff to maintain building access control and security measures, student enrollment) and staff to support distance learning. CDC health and safety guidance must be followed.
Now until April 6, districts should focus on preparing distance learning plans. Districts can convene professional development consistent with the order.
All districts will be required to create and submit a distance learning plan. If districts use the state Education Department’s distance learning resources, approval will be expedited. SDE expects to send its distance learning resources and framework to schools by the end of the week.

Graduation credits are a local board decision, and districts are encouraged to ensure the crisis is not punitive toward student grades or graduation standing.

It's important to note that Superintendent Hofmeister and board members emphasized their understanding that not all schools and families have technology access, and schools' distance learning plans should be based on local needs and resources. Distance learning can be in a manner that is not technology based.

School calendar: The board waived the 180-day/1,080-hours requirement. Districts will not be required to make up days missed for the public health emergency. State education officials said districts are expected to continue instructional services through the May 8-15 window. Districts can extend instructional serves beyond that date.

Six-hour instructional day: With the shift to remote learning, districts will not be required to offer a six-hour school day.





Earlsboro Public Schools

101 N. Willie Stargell Ave.

Earlsboro, OK 74840


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Earlsboro Public Schools

Distance Learning/Technology
With school almost certain to be cancelled for the rest of the year, our school is looking at the possibility of distance learning. We ask that you please complete the following survey to better assist us in determining the needs of our students.

Please click on the link below to complete survey.


Click link below for Study Island

Earlsboro Public Schools: Starting Monday, March 23, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon each missed school day, we will be giving out breakfast and lunch, at the same time, through our nutrition provider, Keystone. This will be brought out to your vehicle by one of us, back in the circle turn around behind the schools. To get a better count, we ask that you fill out the survey, just once. Please click on the link below to complete the survey.

Thank you for your understanding during this time of confusion.



Click below to complete survey.

 ACT Stakeholder Survey

Story image 1_0

College & Career Readiness Assessment Community Stakeholder Consultation

In compliance with Section 1111(b)(2)(H) of ESSA, Earlsboro would like to provide community stakeholders with an opportunity to provide meaningful input regarding our district’s intent to request permission to administer the ACT in lieu of statewide assessment.




Do not label the following supplies:

Crayola Crayons only (small)  2 boxes

Glue sticks                              4 each

Baby Wipes                             1 boxes

Small school box                     1 each

Paper towels                            2 rolls

Kleenex                                   2 boxes

Girls – Gallon Storage Bags   1 box

Boys - Snack Storage bags     1 box

Backpack (No Wheels)

Thin sleeping mat and small cover

Change of clothes

$5.00 for Pre-K book

Play Dough

1 Box-5 Count Expo Dry Erase Markers

Water Colors


Do not label the following supplies:

Crayons                                   4 boxes

#2 pencils                                3 doz.

Pencil sharpener (hand held)   4 each

Plastic Pocket Folders             1 each

Water bottle (labeled)             1 each 

Kleenex                                   2 boxes

Antibacterial Hand Wipes      1 each

Small school box                     1 each

Fiskars scissors                        1 pair

(If your child is left handed, please be sure to get left handed scissors.)

Paper Towels                           2 rolls

Disinfecting Cleanser Wipes   1 Carton

Large eraser                             2 each

   *(Please have a change of clothes to leave

        in your child’s backpack.)

Glue stick (large)                     8 each

Primary Writing tablet            1 each

   *(picture frame for drawing)

Spiral Notebook                      1 each

   *(wide ruled)

1st Grade

Crayola Markers (per sem)      1 box

Pencil box                               1 each

Crayons (Crayola)                   4 boxes

Glue sticks                              3 each

Liquid glue                              1 bottle

#2 Ticonderoga pencils           3 pkgs.

Fiskars scissors                        1 pair

Spiral Notebook (wide rule)   1 each

Ruler                                       1 each

Pink eraser (large)                   3 each

Plastic folder with pocket       1 each

      (per semester)

Kleenex (per semester)            4 boxes

Paper towels                            1 roll

Antibacterial wipes                 2 each

Pencil top erasers                    1 pkg.

Primary Writing Tablet           1 each

    (space for a picture)

2nd Grade

Crayons (24 count)                 2 boxes

Fiskars scissors                        1 pair

#2 pencils                                5 doz.

Spiral Notebooks                    2 each

Glue sticks                              18 each

Notebook paper (wide rule)    2 pkgs.

Kleenex                                   2 boxes

Large pink eraser                     2 each

Boys - Antibacterial wipes      1 each

Girls – paper towels                2 rolls

Expo markers (4 count)           2 pkgs.

Pencil Box                               1 each

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade

Do not label the following supplies:

Colored pencil                         1 box

Puff Tissues                            4 boxes

Pencil top erasers                    4 pkgs.

Wood pencils                          4 boxes

Boys – Lysol wipes                 2 bottles

Girls – Lysol spray                  2 cans

Loose leaf paper (wide)          4 pkgs.

 Black Expo dry erase makers     1 pkg.

    Book Bag (No Wheels)

Highlighters (5th Grade)          1 pkg.

Multiplication Cards – 3rd Grade Only

Earphones for Computers       2 sets


Elmer’s Glue (Small Bottle)    1 each

Box (Supply Box)                   1 each

For 6-8 Science Supply List:

1- 3 ring binder (1 1/2 inch wide)

Loose Leaf notebook paper

Tab Dividers



Grading Pen

2 packs 3-5 oz drinking cups

1 box tissues

$5 Lab Fee

Boys - disinfectant wipes, 1 roll paper towels

Girls - zip close baggies (sandwich or quart size), baby wipes

For Family and Consumer Sciences (F.A.C.S.) 7th Grade

1- 3 ring binder (1 1/2 inch wide)

Loose Leaf notebook paper

Tab Dividers



Grading Pen

2 packs 3-5 oz drinking cups

1 box tissues

$5 material Fee

9th - 12 th Grade School Supply List 2018 -2019

7 spiral notebooks 

Kleenex 2 boxes

#2 pencils  4 dozen

1 ream of  copy paper

Boys – Lysol wipes 1 package

Girls- Lysol Spray 1 can



Our Mission Statement:

 The mission of Earlsboro Schools is to create and maintain a positive and welcoming school climate,free of drugs, violence, intimidation and fear. To provide an environment, in which teachers can teach and students can learn, which promotes the cognitive and affective development of all children, and those professionals who serve them.


About Us:

 Earlsboro Public Schools is located in eastern Pottawatomie County. We have approximately 300 students in Pre-Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Earlsboro Schools have been educating and mentoring young minds since 1914. Earlsboro is home of the world famous "Willie Stargell" inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1988. High School students have the opportunity to attend Gordon Cooper Technology Center or Seminole State College to enhance their educational experience. The home of the Wildcats provides all students an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities in order to prepare for a life of success.





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